John Mayera€™s Matchmaking Schedule: That Is John Mayer Matchmaking Today?

John Mayera€™s Matchmaking Schedule: That Is John Mayer Matchmaking Today?

John Mayer has been labeled as numerous things such as a Casanova, cad, heart-breaker, dork, and Lothario. As he might not have earned these epithets, there’s no doubt that Mayer possess an easy method with all the girls. Hardly ever features the guy already been observed alone or without an attractive lady on their supply. Along with his boyish appearance, superb keyboards playing, which million-dollar vocals, ita€™s no surprise that Mayer scores almost every time. Everyone is inquisitive knowing John Mayera€™s matchmaking timeline, and who John Mayera€™s gf is in 2017. We shall tell you all we understand about John Mayera€™s girlfriends.

That Is John Mayer Dating Today?

Wouldna€™t we all like to understand response to this question? Regrettably, there isn’t any suggestions now about who John Mayer is dating immediately. His final reported connection had been Katy Perry as well as their on-again-off-again fling. Mayer has-been seen with a bevy of beauties from Hollywood and songs business, so we possess info the following.

Choosing Appreciate

Mayera€™s initially advertised connection was a student in 2002 with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. italian dating Their unique short-lived love persisted to stay in peoplea€™s brain whilst is reported that their mega-hit a€?Your Body Is a Wonderlanda€? ended up being determined by Hewitt. The reality is that the tune premiered before Mayer and Hewitt started dating, so this is a massive myth. Appearing back, Hewitt advised anyone journal jokingly that in case this were true, the song would-have-been known as a€?Your body’s a Disaster.a€? We name this a€?humility.a€?

Going the length

Another artist John Mayer presumably got a partnership is actually Vanessa Carlton. They got together throughout the early 2000s whenever both got strike tunes. At the time, Carltona€™s a€?A Thousand Milesa€? and Mayera€™s a€?No This type of Thinga€? and a€?Why Georgiaa€? were hiking the charts. They dated for a year before contacting they quits.

Pure Dynamite

Mayer continuous their move of internet dating gorgeous vocalists when he installed with hottie Jessica Simpson. These were spotted collectively in New York on unique Yeara€™s Eve where these were noticed by paparazzi. Relating to reports, they certainly were smooching in Miamia€™s Southern Beach, before she implemented your on trip to Fl. They were on the address many magazines and tabloids until they parted tactics. Though they certainly were best collectively for per year, Simpson appeared to win over him. John Mayer informed Playboy that their particular actual romance got red-hot and Simpson is a€?sexual napalm.a€? Mayer furthermore contrasted Simpson to a€?crack cocaine.a€?

Not Everlasting

The online world is abuzz if it was reported that John Mayer and celebrity Jennifer Aniston comprise products. Mayer travelled to Miami to spend time with Aniston while she had been shooting Marley & Me. Citizens were wanting that the duo would subside and stay this course, nonetheless it wasn’t in the cards. They split-up and got in with each other, nevertheless decided not to finally longer.

Chat Was Challenge

After that emerged another actress into Mayera€™s life. We have been speaing frankly about the star associated with reality program Vanderpump principles, Scheana Shay. She got a waitress transformed actress who was simply observed by Mayer, and before long, these people were together. Regrettably for of them, Shay is a dynamic and talkative female. She spoke regarding their link to the tabloids, a lot to Mayera€™s dismay. Shay said, a€?i enjoy their personalitya€¦hea€™s funnya€¦they can getting, like, a dork.a€? Mayer is apparently maybe not satisfied, which is reported that after that interview the guy ended speaking with Shay. A different one bites the dirt!

Causing Conflict

In 2009 gossip of Mayer online dating future nation songs superstar Taylor Swift started circulating. What their age is difference amazed anyone. At the time, Mayer had been 32 and Swift had been in her kids. As you expected, this commitment couldn’t finally extended, as well as the two moved their unique separate approaches. Within her typical trend, Swift had gotten popular track out of the break up. The lady 2010 solitary a€?Dear Johna€? have pointed lyrics like, a€?Dona€™t you believe I happened to be too young to be messed with?a€? It plainly was not an amicable divide!

We All Know

Another star who was reported getting having an affair with John Mayer was actually RenA©e Zellweger in 2011. They came across, sparks travelled, and facts appeared to be heading really between the two. At the time, the news mentioned that Mayer and Zellweger were a€?discreetly matchmaking.a€? The fact is that the whole world knew!

Mixed Indicators

When Mayer and Katy Perry got together in the summer of 2012, it seemed that the connection would keep going. They were young, good-looking, and gifted artists. Just what might go completely wrong? Enough it seems, seeing their particular make-ups and breakups throughout the years until Perry chose to set John Mayer forever. Mayer talked about their own union on a talk program, claiming it was a rather private partnership that he couldna€™t talk about. The tabloids performedna€™t that problem, however! But Perry has become with Orlando Bloom, and things appear to be heading better among them.

The Drive Never Ever Stops

Whew! This isn’t the termination of Mayera€™s dating energy range by any standards. Mayer will definitely find some body newer, and possess their union splattered regarding the front page of publications. Indeed, there is talk about your and singer Demi Lovato acquiring relaxing in October 2016. Very contains the serial fan struck again? Your own imagine is as great as ours. Once you understand Mayer, this roller coaster trip just isn’t preventing quickly.


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