Interested in him, she eventually falls crazy about this new Joker and you can gets their mate and you may accomplice

Interested in him, she eventually falls crazy about this new Joker and you can gets their mate and you may accomplice

This new going movie Batman Past: Come back of the Joker happens in the long run, long after the newest events within the Batman: The newest Animated Show. It provides good flashback world in which Harley facilitate this new Joker torture Tim Drake until he’s become “Joker Jr.”, a crazy tiny sort of new Clown Prince off Offense; she then falls down a deep pit throughout a battle with Batgirl. At the end of the movie, a pair of twin girls who design on their own on the Joker are create towards bail on the grandmother, just who angrily berates them-to which they address: “Oh, shut-up, Nana”

Harleen Quinzel=

Harley Quinn, whoever genuine name’s Harleen Frances Quinzel, is actually portrayed once the having been an effective psychologist in the Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum. Gotham Town Sirens #seven (ily on holiday season, in which he could be portrayed as actually really dysfunctional, pushing Harley in order to become distressed and then leave suddenly. People say the reason Harley pursued mindset would be to learn her very own broken friends.

The new character’s resource facts applies one given that good psychologist, Harleen Quinzel belongs to this new criminally insane Joker on Arkham Asylum. She comes after fit regarding the Joker’s clown-styled, violent antics and you can adopts title Harley Quinn, an use “Harlequin” from the profile into the commedia dell’arte. Talking to a noticable Northeastern highlight, Harley refers to the Joker given that Mr. J and you may Puddin’, regards to endearment with due to the fact been utilized in just about any version where the several emails appear.


Harley Quinn was initially introduced in the Batman: The Mobile Series lookin throughout the types of a beneficial jester. She used a black domino mask, white facial cosmetics, and you will a-one-part, black colored and purple motley clothes having an excellent cowl. Unlike the fresh new Joker, Harley’s body isn’t permanently white from the moving series, since this is reiterated for the moments appearing Harley from outfit which have a routine facial skin skin tone. While the Dr. Harleen Quinzel, PhD, she actually is represented once the with blond tresses and you can blue-eyes. She generally speaking wears cups, a top, high heeled shoes and you will a white laboratory coat.

Inside her very early comical book styles up to 2011, the smoothness dressed in their new black colored and red-colored, one-section outfit on move show. When you look at the , The fresh new 52 rebooted DC’s continuity. Contained in this the new timeline, Harley Quinn had a refurbished search you to definitely survived up until 2016. The fresh new 52 presented Harley Quinn that have a changing black colored- and you will reddish-toned dress with a good sleeveless top, shoulder shields, rigid trousers, lower body pads, and shoes. This lady locks color is changed to help you 50 % of-red-colored and you may half-black colored, such as the cap off this lady prior incarnation. In line with an alternate origin, this lady body try bleached because of becoming banged on a beneficial vat from acid by Joker.

Pursuing the 2016’s DC Resurgence, Harley Quinn premiered an alternate try looking in the third volume of her eponymous show, and fifth level of Committing suicide Group. This lady hair colour is now blond that have bluish dip dye to the new left front side and you will pink dip dye off to the right, and you can she sports a couple of the brand new clothes. One to gown include strict, bluish and you can red pants, torn t-shirt, silk coat, fingerless gloves, fishnet pantyhose, studded gear, and lace-up sneakers, just like Committing suicide Team movie. The brand new character’s most other clothes was a-two-build, black and you may red-colored suit composed of the full-case most useful, strict pants, opaque stockings, garter strip parts, and you can shoes.

Harley Quinn is actually adorned with different tattoos, in addition to four expensive diamonds on her higher right leg. For the DC Offered World, each other Harley therefore the Joker provides numerous tattoos, with Harley having them on her behalf cheek, forearm, feet, and you will instinct.


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