Absolutely he, we’ve been friends for 3 years today

Absolutely he, we’ve been friends for 3 years today

He accustomed date certainly my buddies in the 1st season that people turned friends, however they split up just as the college seasons finished. I preferred your a little for the reason that 12 months nevertheless in the course of time quit as he begun bullying me. Into the 2nd grade of college season, we failed to really talking or connect to one another since he’s more famous than Im and then he got lots of people to talk to, and I also did not actually see your because the guy always bully me personally once more poorly. Rapidly forward to 2019 college seasons, we became chair friends and anything begun. first grading years: we’d casually talk and he would bully me oftentimes also making me become considerably insecure than ever before. Once, third grading period, he at some point pointed out that his intimidation was in excess. The guy ended the bullying. He began to learn me personally and try and then make me have a good laugh, however frequently change humor, however slim his elbow on my armchair and our arms will make contact. I didn’t determine if I wanted to including him since he had a really good looking face but the guy acted a literal jerk towards myself. I quickly verified how I should feel in second month of January. After per week of no classes, the very first thing the guy thought to myself had been he overlooked myself. They required off-guard (I generally have thinking conveniently) therefore we discussed considerably, the guy attempted to bring me a gold necklace but took it straight back since I failed to understand hoe to react. The guy borrowed my personal bracelet when in which he lent my (expensive) earrings a couple of times and I also could not say no since I is starting to like him. The various other regional friends observed and began to tease him, as I looked over him, I caught your moving their look repeatedly between me and our friends and simply shook their head. Then visited use some tape and fix the webpage. I tried so very hard not to laugh as it was my very first time observe your ridiculous in front of me. The guy furthermore kept teasing me within our industry travels last night. (longer tale) which is all. I wish to know if he likes me or not because it was actually usually his signature to tease additional women as well, especially back when he was nevertheless along with his exes. I really don’t wanna become mislead anymore.

Have this, his bullying stopped but he’d sometimes still tease me personally physically and never vocally

Okay thus I met this dude at a property celebration and I also begun liking your thus I started inquiring group for his snap. When i came across it I started texting your but he acts therefore various on book subsequently in-person. When I started going to him or obtaining asked to hang aside with him he’d playfully tease myself, open up the entranceway for my situation, and compliments me but on text he’d either create me on see, delivered, or open all day. My emotions are actually perplexed immediately because I do not will discover your much when i actually do he’s thus nice in my opinion as well as keeps the discussion heading. Will you men envision I’m getting played or really does the guy really like me he’s just scared to acknowledge they?

I must say I must know how to handle it anytime any one has actually any guidance please let me know!

men is strange. we do not know if their merely myself but dudes will always be wanting to fuss beside me and my personal ideas. the worst part of everything is that I GET THOUGHTS FAST. i really hate it really because then i matter whether it’s common or if im merely misinterpreting everything. recently I began liking he and that I feel just like he appreciated me-too but then i found out that he’s a couple of years old, as soon as the guy located my personal age out also, the guy began to sort of I suppose do not just like me. I will usually determine if a man wants me and im usually right but i guess best lesbian hookup app im merely mislead, AHHHH, if people check out this, unwell help keep you current lmao


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